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A Big Slice of Thanksgiving !!

Stumbled upon some really handy thanksgiving tips at abigslice.com to help you prepare both your home and your turkey for the holidays…

A Big Slice is the enjoyment of life and finding new ways to enrich each moment.

It’s a new take on the old phrase, “grab a big slice of life.” Clare Aslaksen and Ted Field share a love of family and friends but noticed, as the years went by, that “special connection” began to lose it’s defining character. So, how do you recapture these essential components of your life? Clare and Ted believe one way is by enriching your life through entertaining.

By opening your home and your kitchen, you open your heart. Hosting can become a potion for the soul, and a great memory can be as simple as sharing a glass of wine. Throughout the themed sections of their website, Clare and Ted serve as helping hands that gently guide the nervous host toward the perfect evening.

“Life’s A Banquet… why not grab A Big Slice?”

Organized Thanksgiving Tips - Page 1   Organized Thanksgiving Tips - Page 2

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Thanksgiving : Menu Planner @ bonappetit.com

Thanksgiving Menu Planner

Will you be hosting your first Thanksgiving Dinner? Or, will you be entertaining a few less or a few more guests than usual? Maybe you need some help planning a more traditional or an alternatively unique Thanksgiving Day menu? No matter your challenge, you must check out this totally cool tool over at bonappetit.com…!!

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Thanksgiving : Dream Dinners and Downloads

Dream Dinners

* * * Update: Stephanie’s store is now Family Traditions! * * *

Like it or not, Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

My dear friend, Stephanie, owner of Dream Dinners in Lexington (Kentucky) is offering a great deal on a fabulous Thanksgiving spread—enough turkey and side dishes to feed 12 to 15 people! So, if you’re anything like me and prefer not to spend hours toiling away in the kitchen, you should definitely give Stephanie a call… she’ll “hook you up”!

If, on the other hand, you actually enjoy spending time in the kitchen preparing a traditional Thanksgiving feast for extended family and friends, you’ll find these tools helpful—Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving Planner (2621 downloads) and Real Simple’s Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation (2491 downloads) .

Thanksgiving Planner     Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation

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Friday Fave : Recipe Nest

Recipe Nest

The Recipe Nest® is the perfect solution for those of us who clip (or simply tear out) recipes from magazines, or for those of us who tend to let things stack up in piles before we deal with them months later.

Not only is it ideal for sorting and storing recipes, but the Recipe Nest® also turns into a fabulous easel (with a handy clip) to hold your selected recipe at an eye-pleasing angle while you prepare it. Add the spill-proof vinyl covering to the trendy color selection, and you’ve got a real winner!

So, what about you? Are you a ‘recipe collector’ like me? What is your favorite way to store recipes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Friday Fave : TasteBook.com

Welcome to my blog’s new series… I will be featuring (and maybe even reviewing) some of my absolute favorite organizing tools and products on Fridays! Here’s the first…

Sample TasteBook

TasteBook.com is the best place online to discover, organize, and share favorite recipes—then turn them into beautiful personal keepsake-quality hardcover cookbooks.

You can search more than 100,000 recipes from major lifestyle magazines and leading recipe websites, upload your own favorites, or shop professionally edited TasteBooks created by top cookbook authors and food editors.

TasteBook.com is free to use, and personal cookbooks start at just $19.95 each. Every TasteBook can hold up to 100 recipes. Order them all at once or in batches. It’s easy to add more pages to TasteBook’s expandable hardcover binder system at anytime.

  • Custom covers: Choose a beautiful cover image and edit the title of your cookbook.
  • Cooking notes: Add helpful hints, cooking tips, and personal notes to any recipe.
  • Personal photos: Upload your own pictures along with your personal recipes.
  • Colored tabs: Organize your recipes any way you want with ten tabbed chapters.
  • Perfect gift: Create one for bridal showers, family reunions, and holidays.

So, fill a TasteBook with all your family’s favorites, and you’ll soon discover just how “easy-breezy” it’ll be to get dinner on the table every night of the week (now that your recipes are finally organized)! Mmmmmm…

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