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Holiday Helps : Cards, Decorations, and Parties, Oh My !!

Some more free planning printables for you… A quickie look at your entire Christmas budget from { simple mom }, a Christmas card list worksheet from [ real neat ] to help you track the ones you send and the ones you receive, and a complete 13-page Christmas planner courtesy of Organizing Your Way. Enjoy!

X-Mas Budget   Christmas Card List   Christmas Planner

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Holiday Helps : Budget Forms

… and the silence shall be broken …

The blog has been rather quiet as of late while I’ve been collecting, organizing, and publishing some super sweet and totally free downloadable goodness for you! Hope you like ’em! Happy Holidays!

Thanks to the fabulous ladies over at Buttoned Up! (and their beautiful new forms!), you can easily put together a wallet-friendly gift-giving budget that’ll keep you smiling into the new year!

Holiday Gifts (1054 downloads)   Holiday Gift Budget (1151 downloads)   Holiday Budget (1178 downloads)

BTW : For those of you too impatient to wait for future posts, you can find the rest of these handy-dandy holiday tools on the downloads page in the resources section of this website.

Friday Fave : Mint.com


Mint.com is an entirely new approach to personal finance management. It has easily become one of my all-time favorites!

Key Features:

  • Easy to use—automatic and virtually effortless
  • Comprehensive view of all your accounts in one place
  • Instant alerts for bills, fees, budgets, and low balances
  • Intuitive—intelligently categorizes your transactions
  • Personalized savings opportunities and offers
  • Complete security and privacy
  • And it’s Free!

Make your money work for you! Get started today! »

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Friday Fave : BookJingle.com

This week’s feature: BookJingle.com, the best book buyback site online! (Not that I’m biased or anything… the owner is a personal friend of mine!) But, seriously, Book Jingle will pay you $$ cash $$ for your used books! What a great way to declutter and recycle your personal library! Here’s what you can expect from my friends at BookJingle.com

Book Jingle  
  • Totally free shipping
  • Ultimate convenience
  • Instant (top) price quotes
  • Quick payment within 48 hours
  • High quality customer service

Find out how easy it can be to make money by selling your unwanted books.
Sell some books… feed the pig!

Waiting for an invitation? Consider this it…! Visit BookJingle.com today!

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Monday Mission : “Git-R-Done”

I am a master of procrastination. Give me something that I don’t really want to do, and I’ll find a zillion ways to avoid doing it.

Today’s fine example : contact the insurance company.

On Friday, I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up Amanda’s prescription for antibiotics (re: ear infection). The total charge was nearly $75 for the generic form of the medication!

Since we have a decent health insurance plan, I questioned the price and was told that the pharmacy has our insurance information on file, but had been instructed by the insurance company to charge a $75 copay for the prescription!

Now, we normally pay a $10 copay for the generic form of any prescribed medication, so this answer concerned me…

Anyway, long-story-short, I need to call our health insurance company today to get it all straightened out (“Git-R-Done”). Ugh!

So, what about you? What important task have you been dreading? How do you motivate yourself to finally “Git-R-Done”? I’d love to hear from you!

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