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Friday Fave : BookJingle.com

This week’s feature: BookJingle.com, the best book buyback site online! (Not that I’m biased or anything… the owner is a personal friend of mine!) But, seriously, Book Jingle will pay you $$ cash $$ for your used books! What a great way to declutter and recycle your personal library! Here’s what you can expect from my friends at BookJingle.com

Book Jingle  
  • Totally free shipping
  • Ultimate convenience
  • Instant (top) price quotes
  • Quick payment within 48 hours
  • High quality customer service

Find out how easy it can be to make money by selling your unwanted books.
Sell some books… feed the pig!

Waiting for an invitation? Consider this it…! Visit BookJingle.com today!

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This is a valuable service, Michelle. It would be great if you’d post some details as a comment on my recent post: Find New Homes for Used Books.

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Janet Barclay / July 17th, 2009, 5:41 pm

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