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Top 5 Organizing Tips for Kids

Organized Toy Storage

As any parent knows, adding a child to the family can quickly and drastically alter the environment of any home. From infants to teens, kids come with a lot of “stuff.” What are you supposed to do with it all? Here are a few simple tips to help you teach your children how to get organized and stay that way…

  • Bins, boxes, and baskets kept on lower shelves make it easy for your child to put away toys. Label storage containers with both pictures (for young children) and printed words (for preschoolers).
  • Better yet, have your child draw pictures for the labels. Or, you can cut out the toys’ logos straight from the original boxes, take photos of the toys, or print the logos directly from the manufacturer websites. And, if your storage containers have handles, luggage tags are a quick and easy way to attach the finished labels.
  • Before birthdays, Christmas, or other special gift-giving occasions, sit down with your child to sort through toys together. Guide your child through the decision-making process of which toys to keep and which to donate in order to make room for new toys received as gifts. In fact, take your child with you to the donation center.
  • As you fold laundry, separate your child’s clothes into complete outfits. Store them individually in gallon-sized zip-top bags. Keep one bagged outfit in the car, just in case. And, when you travel, squeeze any extra air out of the bags to make packing the suitcase a breeze.
  • Provide low hooks for your child to hang up sweaters, pajamas, jackets, book bags, etc. Before bedtime, check the weather forecast with your child. Then, have your child select an appropriate outfit to wear the next day.
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These are great tips! If you also write the name under the picture for the labels, you can give them a head start on reading!

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Eva Wallace / April 7th, 2010, 1:44 pm

Absolutely! In fact, school-aged children should label their toy bins and baskets in their own handwriting (either print or cursive, depending on their skill levels). Not only will you be giving your child additional writing and spelling practice, but your child will also end up with a greater sense of ownership and responsibility in returning toys to their respective homes. Everyone wins all the way around!

Michelle @ [ real neat ] / April 7th, 2010, 1:46 pm

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