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Monday Mission : Shop for School Supplies

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With the start of the new school year just around the corner, now is the time to shop for school supplies. Hit the sales and save!

(And, don’t forget… Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot offer free delivery on any orders over $50! Huge time saver!)

BTW, If you’ve not yet received a school supply list from your child’s teacher, refer to the Back To School Checklist (1146 downloads) to get you started.

Now is also the time to gather your child’s emergency medical information into one place. Check out the In Case Of Emergency (2238 downloads) form.

Back To School Checklist (1146 downloads)   In Case Of Emergency (2238 downloads)

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Friday Fave : TasteBook.com

Welcome to my blog’s new series… I will be featuring (and maybe even reviewing) some of my absolute favorite organizing tools and products on Fridays! Here’s the first…

Sample TasteBook

TasteBook.com is the best place online to discover, organize, and share favorite recipes—then turn them into beautiful personal keepsake-quality hardcover cookbooks.

You can search more than 100,000 recipes from major lifestyle magazines and leading recipe websites, upload your own favorites, or shop professionally edited TasteBooks created by top cookbook authors and food editors.

TasteBook.com is free to use, and personal cookbooks start at just $19.95 each. Every TasteBook can hold up to 100 recipes. Order them all at once or in batches. It’s easy to add more pages to TasteBook’s expandable hardcover binder system at anytime.

  • Custom covers: Choose a beautiful cover image and edit the title of your cookbook.
  • Cooking notes: Add helpful hints, cooking tips, and personal notes to any recipe.
  • Personal photos: Upload your own pictures along with your personal recipes.
  • Colored tabs: Organize your recipes any way you want with ten tabbed chapters.
  • Perfect gift: Create one for bridal showers, family reunions, and holidays.

So, fill a TasteBook with all your family’s favorites, and you’ll soon discover just how “easy-breezy” it’ll be to get dinner on the table every night of the week (now that your recipes are finally organized)! Mmmmmm…

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Interview with Matt Brezina, Co-Founder of Xobni

Earlier this month, I was honored to be interviewed by Matt Brezina, co-founder of Xobni :

I had a great call with Xobni user Michelle Deo today. Michelle is a professional organizer from Georgetown, Kentucky. As you can expect, a professional organizer would be pretty excited about Xobni.

As a professional organizer, Michelle helps families and companies organize the processes by which they run their lives and their businesses. This ranges from new organizing systems for their closets at home to filing systems and work-flow management systems for the office.

While Michelle focuses on organizing people’s physical information, she uses Xobni to organize her digital information.

Michelle gets a lot of personal and business email and loves that Xobni organizes her inbox around people. She enjoys the automatic contact information extraction, the photos of her contacts, and having all of the conversations and attachments from a contact in one place. Michelle has been using Xobni for 6 months, and regrets not finding it earlier!

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Organize Your Memories

Before I start a writing project, I generally do as much research as I can about the topic at hand, which I’m sure most of you do as well. So, today’s task was to gather some ideas of what to include in my brief autobiography for this month’s GCC MOPS newsletter.

A search on Google.com for “autobiography outline” led me to an interesting website: OurStory.com. It’s a collaborative online environment where you can collect and share all kinds of media: letters, photos, videos, audio recordings, and more.

OurStory is an online service where family and friends collaboratively create, share, and preserve their family history, life stories, anecdotes, photos, and videos in an organized visual photo-history timeline.

OurStory combines the best of blogging, photo sharing, digital storytelling, and family history with rich features such as an interactive visual timeline, privacy controls, collaborative email requests, guided templates, and a library of over 2,000 prompting interview questions.

OurStory helps family and friends share and preserve their stories from life’s shoebox in a lasting format online, backed up to a home computer, and/or made into heirloom-quality books, CDs, and DVDs.

OurStory is a full-featured free service on the web. It is also available as a premium subscription for $39.95 (USD) per year, which adds features such as multiple profiles and timelines, unlimited privacy circles, style embellishment, and discounts on books and CD/DVDs.

What a great way to organize your memorabilia… an organizer’s dream! Learn more online.

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Monday Mission : Clear Off the Kitchen Counter

This week’s mission is to clear off the kitchen counter!

Brace yourself for an organizer’s true confession… In its current state, my kitchen counter should be placed under quarantine by Hazmat! Really.

Though originally unintended, the kitchen has simply found itself to be the natural landing spot for everything that comes into my home. When you enter the house through the garage, the kitchen is the first large space that you encounter.

Yes, I have attempted to find other landing spots, and I have tried many different organizing systems to no avail. Now, I realize that I simply cannot change my family’s natural tendencies. The kitchen counter will be my nemesis forevermore!

I have, however, stumbled upon one or two great organizing solutions that have (mostly) worked for me. But, until I can share these handy tools with you, I must delve into the abyss that currently exists on my kitchen counter. So, please join me in tackling this week’s mission…!

I’ll post photos of my progress by week’s end, and I encourage you to share photos of your progress in the comments below! Let’s get to it!

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