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Holiday Helps : Last-Minute Gifts & Printables

In the need of some last-minute gift ideas? Well, look no further!
Check out these neat ideas and their gorgeous printable counterparts!

Chocolate Cobbler Mix Chocolate Cobbler Mix
from LollyChops
alternate designs
Chocolate Cobbler Mix Chocolate Cobbler Mix
Chili Spice Mix Chili Spice Mix
from LollyChops
alternate design
Chili Spice Mix Labels
Hot Cocoa Mix Hot Cocoa Mix
from LollyChops
Hot Chocolate
from Blonde Designs
Bath Salts
from Blonde Designs
Birdseed Packets Birdseed Packets
from Tricia-Rennea
Tea & Hot Cocoa Packets Tea & Hot Cocoa Packets Tea & Hot Cocoa Packets
from Tricia-Rennea
Christmas Music CD Christmas Music CD Christmas Music CD
from Living Locurto

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Holiday Helps : Gift Lists

Save yourself some time, energy, and frustration by planning out your holiday shopping before you hit the stores. These printable goodies will help you keep track of your recipient list, gift ideas, and final purchases—the positively gorgeous holiday gift tracker from Time Too, the ultra-sensible gift worksheet from the project girl, and the automatically-calculated holiday gift shopping list from Adam Arthur Design Group.

Holiday Gift Tracker Gift Worksheet Holiday Gift Shopping List

Finally, the shopping-made-easy planner from All Bright Ideas includes space for planning which stores you’ll visit (and in what order) on your holiday shopping trip. Enjoy!

Gift Shopping Planner

TIP : If you have already finished all your holiday shopping, take a moment to jot down a few notes. Include a list of those for whom you bought gifts, how much you spent, and ideas for upcoming occasions (i.e., birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers). Keep this information handy and refer to it when you fill in your calendar and prepare your gift-giving budget for the new year.

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Holiday Helps : Cards, Decorations, and Parties, Oh My !!

Some more free planning printables for you… A quickie look at your entire Christmas budget from { simple mom }, a Christmas card list worksheet from [ real neat ] to help you track the ones you send and the ones you receive, and a complete 13-page Christmas planner courtesy of Organizing Your Way. Enjoy!

X-Mas Budget   Christmas Card List   Christmas Planner

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Holiday Helps : Budget Forms

… and the silence shall be broken …

The blog has been rather quiet as of late while I’ve been collecting, organizing, and publishing some super sweet and totally free downloadable goodness for you! Hope you like ’em! Happy Holidays!

Thanks to the fabulous ladies over at Buttoned Up! (and their beautiful new forms!), you can easily put together a wallet-friendly gift-giving budget that’ll keep you smiling into the new year!

Holiday Gifts (1059 downloads)   Holiday Gift Budget (1153 downloads)   Holiday Budget (1179 downloads)

BTW : For those of you too impatient to wait for future posts, you can find the rest of these handy-dandy holiday tools on the downloads page in the resources section of this website.

Mother’s Day : Changing the Present


Changing The Present, a nonprofit website, offers a unique gift-giving model for those of us seeking to simplify our lives and improve our world.

So, if you haven’t yet purchased a gift for your mom, take a few moments to browse the site’s many causes to find an inspiring gift that will suit your budget, make a difference, and mean a great deal to your mom. With over 1,000 gifts, from $2 to $5,000, from hundreds of leading nonprofits, you’ll have no trouble finding just the right gift!

You can even send a customized printed greeting card to your mom, right from the site, with an inspiring photo and description of the gift that you’ve chosen to donate in her honor. She’ll love receiving your gift of charity! (Plus, your donation will be tax-deductible… an added bonus!)

Can you imagine the overall impact that, together, we could make as this new kind of gift-giving catches on!?! So cool!

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