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Monday Mission : Clear Off the Kitchen Counter

This week’s mission is to clear off the kitchen counter!

Brace yourself for an organizer’s true confession… In its current state, my kitchen counter should be placed under quarantine by Hazmat! Really.

Though originally unintended, the kitchen has simply found itself to be the natural landing spot for everything that comes into my home. When you enter the house through the garage, the kitchen is the first large space that you encounter.

Yes, I have attempted to find other landing spots, and I have tried many different organizing systems to no avail. Now, I realize that I simply cannot change my family’s natural tendencies. The kitchen counter will be my nemesis forevermore!

I have, however, stumbled upon one or two great organizing solutions that have (mostly) worked for me. But, until I can share these handy tools with you, I must delve into the abyss that currently exists on my kitchen counter. So, please join me in tackling this week’s mission…!

I’ll post photos of my progress by week’s end, and I encourage you to share photos of your progress in the comments below! Let’s get to it!

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Welcome to the [ real neat ] blog! I am excited to finally have a simple and dynamic site where I can regularly share new organizing tips and ideas with you! As trends evolve in the organizing industry, I’ll do my best to keep you up-to-date. (Plus, this blog will serve as a pretty valuable repository of ideas for me, too! It’ll be so fabulous to be able to quickly search and find old ideas stored in this digital filing cabinet!)

Now, keep in mind that I am not actually a goddess of organization (though I do come pretty close sometimes)!  *tee hee*

My ultimate plan for this blog is the free exchange of organizing tips, ideas, challenges, and more… You know, I am not the only expert here, and some of my ideas may not actually suit your needs. But, perhaps a fellow [ real neat ] blog reader will have some advice that will work better for you. I want to maintain an open community here so that all of us can learn and benefit from one another!

Needless to say, I am definitely anxious to get this dialogue started! What are your main problem areas when it comes to organization? Is there something in your home, office, or life that you’re ready to tackle? Hit me!

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