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Monday Mission : Schedule Your Week on Paper

Plan all you want… but if you don’t write it down, it likely won’t get done. Take 10 minutes today to schedule your family’s activities and to do’s for the week. For me, it looks like this:


@ 8:30am : BNI 1-to-1 Meeting
AM : [ real neat ] brainstorm session
PM : tidy, dust, & vacuum apartment


@ 7:00pm : Toastmasters Speaker Seminar
AM : [ real neat ] phone calls, client follow-up
PM : play date for Amanda + wash, fold, & put away laundry


@ 7:30am : BNI Chapter Meeting
AM : [ real neat ] blog & website updates


AM : [ real neat ] phone calls, marketing letters
PM : play date for Amanda + [ real neat ] workshops


ALL DAY : no school for Amanda = play, play, play !!

Now, as you plan out your family’s week, don’t forget to include plenty of quality family time, plus a bit of pampering for yourself!

So, what does your family’s week look like? Do tell (in the comments below)!

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