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Mommy Brag : Kindergarten Graduation !!

Can you believe it? Just yesterday (wasn’t it?), Amanda started Kindergarten… and now the school year is over! She officially graduated this morning!

Kindergarten Graduation - Amanda

Earlier this week, I was treated to a special preview… an ultra-exclusive solo performance of the ceremony’s graduation songs! (The photo below was captured during the so-called “sign language song” at graduation this morning. Such a sweetie!)

Kindergarten Graduation - Songs

I’m so happy that the photo of Amanda with her Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Hillman, turned out fairly well… it’ll soon find its home in Amanda’s “memory box.”

Amanda & Ms. Hillman

…and to think we just got our school routine figured out! Oh, well… at least we’re ready for first grade, right? 😉

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Happy Birthday to you in a few days.

If you liked Kindergarten you’ll love first grade!! I thought it was a pain because no sooner were they out the door than they were back. I have 5 girls and my last one had afternoon kindergarten. We would go to a mall that was 20 minutes away and about 2 times a week she would be late to class and would take a note from me.

She is now married with 2 kids and has a BS degree. We laugh about her being late (because it was no big deal) and her eating fast food in the car as I tried to get her to school on time. She still remembers what a great time we had together. There are some advantages to being last born.

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Marilyn / June 10th, 2010, 4:12 pm

Thanks so much for the early birthday wishes!

Definitely sounds like you made some great memories with your youngest daughter (and no doubt the other 4 girls as well)!

I was pretty lucky this year… Amanda was in afternoon kindergarten, but she stayed for the after school program as well (i.e., childcare). It was nice to have a full afternoon every weekday to GTD! (That’s “Get Things Done,” for those of you who aren’t familiar with David Allen’s work.)

I couldn’t imagine having to pick her up 3 hours earlier than I did each day… I’d never get anything done!

Oh, and “Mondo Kudos” to the moms out there who, like a friend of mine, have 3 children going 3 different directions at 3 different times of the day (i.e., 2 different preschools and 1 elementary school)! You deserve a big raise! 😉

[ real neat ] / June 10th, 2010, 4:49 pm

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