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Indecision is the Enemy !!

OK… It’s time to rethink this blogging thing. I’ve been aiming to post more frequently, but I’m finding that the more I attempt to “box up” my blog posts into nifty little categories, the less I write.

Time to swallow my pride, take my own advice, and bid adieu to the old ways that simply aren’t working for me. I hereby vow to blog about cool stuff I find or learn or know that I feel compelled to share. No more wasted energy trying to fit this square peg into that round hole!

Now, I realize that I’m likely the only person in the world that struggles with perfectionism and indecision (yeah, right!), but I will offer this tidbit of wisdom…

When something isn’t quite working out for you the way that you had originally planned, change it!

There are no hard-and-fast rules for life. In fact…

The only thing in life that we can consistently guarantee is that there is no guaranteed consistency!

Our lives are ever-changing, always in a state of flux, and so we must adapt our habits and organizing systems accordingly.

So, what indecision(s) are you struggling with today? How do you intend to fight back, take control, and make change happen?

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