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Mamasource : Online Community

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* * * Update: Mamasource.com is now Mamapedia™ * * *

…a safe and easy way to connect with other moms in your local area where you can find the advice, referrals, and insight you need in a supportive community of moms helping moms.

As a Mamasource member, you can:

  • Ask other local moms any question you need help with.
  • Read the questions other moms have asked—and see what answers they have received.
  • Share your own advice and practical referrals with other moms who need your help.
  • Promote your business to other moms who could use your products or services.

Shortly after our family moved to Kentucky in June of 2006, I stumbled upon Mamasource.com while “surfing the ‘Net” one evening. I was able to touch base with other moms in the area for referrals to hair stylists, moms groups, pediatricians, and more.

The following year, once my professional organizing business was officially up and running, I added my [ real neat ] listing to Mamasource.com and shortly thereafter received an inquiry from a local mom interested in learning more about my services! Needless to say, Mamasource has been a wonderful repository of information and a great source of referrals!

Sign up today (for free!), then be sure to check out the listings and reviews for [ real neat ] and GCC MOPS. In fact, feel free to add your own review!

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My Idols : Peter Walsh & Hellen Buttigieg

Peter Walsh & Me

Helen Buttegieg & Me

Meeting of the [ Online ] Minds

NAPO Bloggers

What an extraordinary informal gathering of NAPO’s bloggers, hosted by the well-renowned and highly rescpected John Trosko, Lori Marrero, and Monica Ricci!

It was so exciting to finally meet, in-person and face-to-face, all the professional organizers whose blogs are on my daily reading list!

Take a gander at the plethora of organizing blogs…






  • Joan Kosmachuk, Simple Effects


New Zealand





  • Marilyn Bohn, Marilyn Bohn Creative Organizer



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20th Annual NAPO Conference

NAPO Logo Today, I’m on my way to Reno for the 20th Annual NAPO Conference… so exciting! Tomorrow, I’ll spend my day in a training workshop in which I’ll learn more about the ins and outs of owning and operating a professional organizing business. Then Thursday, the conference will officially begin with an opening keynote address by none other than Peter Walsh! “I’m still geekin’ out about it!”
Training seminars, break-out sessions, product demonstrations, presentations, networking, hundreds of successful professional organizers… it’s sure to be overwhelming, yet exhilirating! In fact, I’ll get to schmooze and rub shoulders with some of the most renowned professional organizers in the industry!

By the time I return home, I’ll definitely have loads of new experiences and information to share with you!

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