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Silent Auction : The Organizing Jackpot

The Organizing Jackpot

Here are the details re: my silent auction item for the Double Saints Festival tomorrow…

  • [ real neat ] productivity power hour consultation ($100) : on-site assessment of space, layout, usage, and systems; includes rough time estimate, plan-of-action, verbal recommendations, “how-to” organizing principles instruction, and product suggestions.
  • Neat Seat ($25) : handy passenger seat organizer features 6 roomy pockets for storing everything from file folders to PDA’s; swings easily from front to back of seat.
  • Clever Cash ($10) : gift certificate good toward the purchase of any Clever Container product @ www.CleverMichelle.com.
  • Articles, Forms, and Checklists ($5) : topics include Auto Organization, Emergency Preparedness, Organized Travel, Kids’ Activity Books, etc.
  • Plethora of Office Supplies ($10) : [ real neat ] pen, highlighter, crayons, notepads, sticky notes, envelopes, Post-It Pockets, travel tissues, hand wipes, lotion, Crystal Light lemonade drink mix, Georgetown City Map, etc.

Total Value : $150

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Newsletter : Files & Taxes

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Mother’s Day : Changing the Present


Changing The Present, a nonprofit website, offers a unique gift-giving model for those of us seeking to simplify our lives and improve our world.

So, if you haven’t yet purchased a gift for your mom, take a few moments to browse the site’s many causes to find an inspiring gift that will suit your budget, make a difference, and mean a great deal to your mom. With over 1,000 gifts, from $2 to $5,000, from hundreds of leading nonprofits, you’ll have no trouble finding just the right gift!

You can even send a customized printed greeting card to your mom, right from the site, with an inspiring photo and description of the gift that you’ve chosen to donate in her honor. She’ll love receiving your gift of charity! (Plus, your donation will be tax-deductible… an added bonus!)

Can you imagine the overall impact that, together, we could make as this new kind of gift-giving catches on!?! So cool!

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