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Today, Amanda officially turns 6 years old! And in only two weeks’ time, she starts 1st grade! Where did the summer go? And where did my baby go? She’ll have full days at school this year (that start far too early in the morning, if you ask me) and I’ll be putting my business goals into full gear. By the end of the 2010/11 school year, neither of us will be the same!

Back to School ChecklistBut, first things first… It’s time to gather up school supplies in preparation for that first day of the new school year (August 10th here in Georgetown). This fine checklist should do the trick… Enjoy!


Note : If you have a favorite checklist or chart or article that you’d like to see included, please let me know! I’d love to feature your favorites! [ FYI : Quality design is a must! ]

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