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Monday Mission : Manage Your E-Mail

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Drowning in a sea of e-mail? Not to worry… I have discovered the solution!

This weekend, I stumbled upon the coolest plug-in ever : Xobni.

If you use Microsoft Outlook to read and send e-mail, you absolutely must download this free plug-in… your “eLife” will be forever changed!

Xobni is the San Francisco startup that is revolutionizing the way people manage email relationships and organize your flooded inbox.

Xobni extends Outlook by offering fast search, conversation threading, a social networking platform, and many other features designed to make email better.

The name Xobni is the word “inbox” spelled backwards. Xobni was founded by Adam Smith and Matt Brezina in the spring of 2006.

Be brave. Try it out. Then, tell me what you think. I’d love to hear about your Xobni experience!

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Client Management

As a fairly new small business owner, I have quickly learned that managing client information, marketing campaigns, and general business administrative tasks can easily become extremely overwhelming. Any suggestions?

Pen and paper aside, I’m in the market for an online hosted CRM solution. I’d love to integrate my website directly into the CRM application in order to manage my newsletter mailing lists with greater efficiency. At this point, though, it’s beginning to seem as though my head is in the clouds…

My professional organizing business is currently 95% service-based. At some point in the future, I do plan to expand into selling organizing-related products. I know, I know… there are definitely solutions out there that meet all my “requirements,” but I simply can’t afford to use them! I need some guidance!

My current CRM wish list:

  • visually-appealing interface
  • web-based & hosted
  • lead, prospect, and customer tracking
  • sales process management
  • marketing campaign management
  • automated drip marketing
  • customizable reporting
  • at-a-glance daily task list
  • inexpensive (if not free)!

If you currently own a small business (or have owned a small business in the past), how do you manage your client information and marketing campaigns? I’d love to hear from you!

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