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Monday Mission : Organize Baby’s Clothes

Having a baby is a far more complicated endeavor than you could ever imagine when you first get pregnant. To help you manage the influx of baby’s clothes (and all the size changes as baby grows), here are a few tips…

Supplies Needed:

  • clothes dresser
  • drawer dividers
  • children’s hangers
  • closet dividers
  • paper bags
  • plastic storage bins

Organization Tips:

  1. Store socks, mittens, hats, and other accessories in separate sections of the top dresser drawer.
  2. Fold all onesies and store in two separate piles in the second dresser drawer: whites and colors.
  3. Fold all gowns and sleepers. Store in two separate piles in the third dresser drawer.
  4. Hang up baby’s outfits in the closet. Separate them by size and/or season using closet dividers.
  5. As baby gets bigger, toss any outgrown clothes into the corresponding paper bag at the bottom of baby’s closet (labeled “sell,” “donate,” and “keep”).
  6. Once the “donate” bag is full, take its contents to your favorite local charity.
  7. When the “sell” bag is full, take its contents to your favorite consignment store.
  8. When the “keep” bag is full, place its contents into the corresponding plastic bin (labeled by size and season, plus gender as necessary).
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Monday Mission : Win an Organized Home !!


Every day between now and June 15th, you can enter the sweepstakes sponsored by Real Simple and The Container Store for a chance to win $3,000 worth of organizing merchandise along with the help of a professional organizer! How cool is that!?!

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Monday Mission : Plan for Baby and Win !!

Dream Baby Registry @ Amazon.com

Getting ready for baby?

Be sure to register online at Amazon.com for a chance to win a Dream Baby Registry valued at over $3,000, including a year’s supply of Huggies Supreme diapers!

One winner will be selected each month from May through December, so you’ve got a total of eight chances to win!

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Monday Mission : Manage Your E-Mail

Xobni Screenshot

Xobni Logo

Drowning in a sea of e-mail? Not to worry… I have discovered the solution!

This weekend, I stumbled upon the coolest plug-in ever : Xobni.

If you use Microsoft Outlook to read and send e-mail, you absolutely must download this free plug-in… your “eLife” will be forever changed!

Xobni is the San Francisco startup that is revolutionizing the way people manage email relationships and organize your flooded inbox.

Xobni extends Outlook by offering fast search, conversation threading, a social networking platform, and many other features designed to make email better.

The name Xobni is the word “inbox” spelled backwards. Xobni was founded by Adam Smith and Matt Brezina in the spring of 2006.

Be brave. Try it out. Then, tell me what you think. I’d love to hear about your Xobni experience!

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Monday Mission [ Update ] : The Schedule

So, how did things go? Well, as always, flexibility is key

My week didn’t exactly play out as originally planned…


@ 8:30am : BNI 1-to-1 Meeting
AM : [ real neat ] brainstorm session
PM : tidy, dust, & vacuum apartment


@ 7:00pm : Toastmasters Speaker Seminar
AM : [ real neat ] phone calls, client follow-up
PM : play date for Amanda + wash, fold, & put away laundry


@ 7:30am : BNI Chapter Meeting
AM : [ real neat ] blog & website updates
PM : OPEN + park play date for Amanda


@ 3:30pm : BNI 1-to-1 Meeting
AM : [ real neat ] phone calls, marketing letters
PM : play date for Amanda + [ real neat ] workshops


ALL DAY : no school for Amanda = play, play, play !!

What about you? Did your week go as planned? I’d love to hear all about it!

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