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Monday Mission : Create Your Own Advisory Panel

No matter what the task at hand, if you try to get it done all by yourself, you quite likely won’t be a complete success. We aren’t superheros… we’re humans with limitations.

So, this week, I’m planning to invite a few friends and former clients to serve on my informal   [ real neat ] advisory panel. I’ll host the bunch here in my apartment, with snacks and beverages on-hand.

Out of this casual atmosphere, I’m hoping to get some honest feedback about some of my current business practices, as well as input regarding my new business model (i.e., what do you like? what do you not like? what would you like to see added? what would you like to cut out? general feedback / testimonials?).

How about you? Are there things that you’d like to improve in your own home business, your household, your church, etc.? Use this week to create and meet with your own advisory panel. Then, come back and share your feedback from the group. Will you be implementing any changes? Do tell !!

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BNI Scott County : Success Masters

Georgetown now boasts its very own Business Network International Chapter called Success Masters.

BNI is the World’s Largest Business Networking, Referrals, and Word of Mouth Marketing Organization.

I attended the Kick-Off Event on Wednesday, courtesy of a personal invitation from a fellow Lilybugs consignor and mom : Alison Waldridge.

Having been accepted as a new member, I am looking forward to picking the brains of more experienced and successful local business owners. ( Of course, getting some client referrals wouldn’t hurt, either! 😉 ) Wish me luck!

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[ real neat ] return

Well, this blog post has been a long time coming… (I have truly extraordinary procrastination skills when faced with less-than-pleasant-to-dos.)

After my long, unplanned, and very much unwanted hiatus, I am grateful to be blogging again. Over the past few months, I have learned more than I had ever wanted to about pride and humility…

Having been a stay-at-home mom for the past 4 years, and with an impending divorce looming overhead (after a 7-year marriage and a total of 15 years together), I now find myself living in an apartment, seeking government assistance, job hunting in the worst economic downturn in decades, and assuring my daughter that she is still loved.

My hope is that, as I share my organizing challenges and everyday struggles, both you and I will learn to create lasting, positive changes in our lives, our families, and our homes.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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Giveaway : The Most Organized Mom

The Most Organized Mom Giveaway

Courtesy of The Organizing Team @ Organize.com:

This Mother’s Day, The Organizing Team at Organize.com wants to recognize the most organized woman you know.

Tell us about your mom, aunt, sister, co-worker, neighbor, or any other mother you know who is a champion over clutter. We want to hear all about her perfectly planned systems, strict routines, quirky habits and how she looks at organization with a positive and confident attitude.

We want to pamper one lucky lady this Mother’s Day so she can continue her quest for organization.

While her home and office are perfectly color coordinated with matching boxes and bins, she also finds time to rule the boardroom, pick up the dry cleaning, drop the kids off at practice, plan the next dinner party, read a good book, laugh with friends and still find time for herself because she aligns her goals and priorities to make organization a lifestyle.

The selected winner will receive a Mother’s Day Gift Basket filled with great Organize.com products valued at $350.

The deadline for submission is April 24th, 2009.

So what are you waiting for? Email us now and shine the spotlight on the most organized mom in your life.

Happy Organizing!

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Monday Mission : Plan Ahead


This week’s mission is to make a concerted effort to plan ahead!

As you very well may have noticed, there was no Monday Mission last week. I thought that I had planned ahead pretty well for my time away in Michigan and Ontario, but apparently, I didn’t!

My List :

  • Set up e-mail autoresponder. Check.
  • Add future blog posts to be published while away. Check.
  • Pay all bills that will be due while away. Check.
  • Pack suitcases. Check.
  • Print out driving directions. Check.
  • Arrange for overnight accomodations. Check.

So, what did I miss…??

Ha! Well, I neglected to make a plan for our post-vacation week! You know… the one where you’ve arrived home, exhausted from your travels, loathing to unpack and get back into your hum-drum daily routine…

Hence, no Monday Mission for last week, suitcases and tote bag are only mostly unpacked, still no food in the house (Amanda and I will be grocery shopping today), incomplete July newsletter taunting me from the Drafts folder, and the list goes on…

So, needless to say, my goal for this week is to PLAN AHEAD just a bit better. And, by putting my plan in writing and sharing it with you, I’ll be sure to stick to the plan (since I know you’ll hold me accountable). So, here it is…

  • Today : laundry and groceries
  • Tomorrow : playdates (daytime for Amanda and evening for me!)
  • Wednesday : July & August newsletters (or one summer issue?)
  • Thursday : dust and vaccuum
  • Friday : shopping
  • Saturday : update contact management database

So, what about you? Are you a natural when it comes to making plans? I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below to share your favorite tips or toughest challenges when planning ahead.

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