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[ real neat ]  S C H O O L   Y E A R

Can you believe it? The school year is just around the corner!

Amanda will be off to Kindergarten, and I will be adding even more speaking engagements to my calendar. Time to get everything ready!

In addition to shopping for school supplies and clothes, be sure to practice your family's back-to-school daily routine. Earlier bedtimes, waking to alarm clocks, and arranging after-school care. Need a refresher?

This month's newsletter contains plenty of tips and checklists to help you through the final weeks of summer in preparation for the new school year.


Professional Organizer

P.S. Looking for advice? Need an extra set of hands? I can help! Contact me today to schedule your free consultation.

[ real neat ]  T I P S   F O R   T H E   S C H O O L   Y E A R

Maintain one single calendar for the entire family during the school year. Find one with plenty of space for each day, and use a different color to record each family member's activities. Finally, jot down scheduled events on your central family calendar as soon as you receive the details.

Assign a separate space at your home's entrance to each child for shoes, jacket, backpack, and schoolwork. Kids should empty their backpacks as soon as they get home from school. All signed forms and homework should be returned to backpacks by bedtime.

Store clothing by outfit in your child's closet or dresser. Each evening, check the weather forecast and have your child select an appropriate outfit for the morning. Finally, keep a paper bag or plastic bin in the bottom of your child's closet to capture any last-minute outgrown finds.

Collect your child's artwork, projects, or other treasured schoolwork in a pretty fabric-covered archival box throughout the school year. Then, in June, have your child select a few favorites to keep, and recycle the rest. You can use them as wrapping paper or send them to long-distance friends and family.

Establish manageable routines for all recurring tasks. Teach your children (and your spouse) these family routines, and then practice, practice, practice. Not sure where to start? Ideas include bedtime and morning routines, household chores, homework time, and sick days. FYI : Forms and checklists can be a real time saver!

[ real neat ]  O R G A N I Z I N G   P A R T I E S

Introducing 4 new topics for your in-home organizing workshops...

   Closet Organization 101
   Kitchen Organization 101
   Paper Management 101
   The Ultimate Family Command Center

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[ real neat ]  B L O G   H I G H L I G H T S

Last month, 11 new organizing tips & ideas were added to my blog.
Some of the most popular entries were...

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